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Wednesday, 19 July 2006

Applying for the ARC

Part of teaching English in Korea involves applying for an Alien Registration Card (ARC). This card is basically your ID card in Korea. It will enable you to open a bank account, sign up for internet/cable tv and a few other things. It is absolutely mandatory for working in Korea as a foreigner. Today we went to the immigration office to apply. You will need two passport photos and your passport for them to process the ARC card. We also purchased a multiple entry visa so we can re-enter South Korea when we go travelling around Asia. The visa we originally applied for was only a single entry.

Residents of the USA, however, are lucky. Their visas are automatically multiple entry visas. If you do not purchase a multiple entry visa and intend to travel around Asia you will NOT be allowed to re-enter Korea and will be forced to leave.


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