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Friday, 28 July 2006

Dani Sushi

When we first visited our campus, this new Japanese restaurant, Dani Sushi, had just finished renovating. Anyways, we went there last night (we knew it was going to be super expensive, but we went in anyways because we were starving plus it was raining so hard outside) and realized that the place is crazy expensive!

The moment we entered, we were ushered into a booth. Complimentary miso soup and cold green tea was served immediately.

Dani Sushi has the "conveyor belt" buffet style system, where you only pay for what you eat. The prices are determined by the color of the plates you choose to eat from. Prices of plates ranged from 1600w - 9000w. Each plate only had TWO pieces of sushi though! So we ate about 9100w worth and decided to call it quits. Guess where we headed right after? To the Carrefour food court for dinner! haha!

Most establishments in Korea have these auto bagging systems for your wet umbrella. Pretty neat:

Off to Carrefour we go!!!


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