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Wednesday, 19 July 2006

Emotions when departing for a year

I was going to post about this earlier but didn't get a chance to. When you've grown up in one place and have never really ventured out of the home for extended periods of time, it does take a minor toll on your emotions. It's natural to miss and think about the family and friends you'll be leaving behind. When we were saying our "see you later" farewells to Devante's* family at the airport, it was pretty hard to keep our emotions in check. It was the same when I was saying farewell to my family at home. However, with this new technological age that is leaping ahead daily at an exponential rate, the world is smaller than ever before. We can communicate in an instant with emails and MSN chats. I can use SkypeOut to call home at the rate of $0.024 CDN/minute! This helps lessen the hardship of leaving your home base. But it's also exciting knowing that we'll be experiencing a new chapter of our lives in a new city and surroundings.

What I'm trying to say in this post is...yes...we did get emotional about leaving but that is normal. Isn't it? Clifford, tell us the answer, you big red dog, you! Comments are welcome.

*Not real name...changed to prevent an invasion from the Korean paparazzi.


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