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Tuesday, 18 July 2006

The flight from YVR to Seoul

Welcome back everyone, this is my second official post in Seoul, South Korea. Our journey to teach English has now become a reality. Seoul is a busy city and the area we are living in is on the western part of Seoul. The driving here is really aggressive. If anyone has been to Beijing and witnessed the driving there, it is comparable. I'm going to break down our flight from Vancouver International Airport to Seoul. Here we go:

While waiting for our noon flight to Seoul we were in desperate need of brunch. Low and behold, we found a Burger King! One last Whopper before we depart for Seoul. Mmm...it was delicious!

Our flight was delayed 15 minutes so we boarded the plane around 12:30pm. We left YVR for Korea at 12:50pm. The captain told us the flight was going to be around 10.5 hours. This was good because it is normally around 12 hours. Clear skies as you can see:

The highlight of our flight so far...the almight first meal service! It tasted really good believe it or not...and this was with Air Canada! Smoked salmon with capers and potato salad on a bed of lettuce, chicken breast with a tomato olive sauce, served with risotto rice and vegatables, a whole wheat bun with whipped butter, vanilla gelato and a bottle of water! wow!

Ok, so after eating like a pig I took a nap...four hours later I was woken up to yet another meal service. I wasn't even hungry at this point---but I ate anyways. ;) Roast beef with gravy, served with vegetables and fruit salad.

The last service was a snack. Instant cup noodles to go along with the book I'm currently reading, Deception Point by Dan Brown. I have to say, the book was a lot better than the noodles. I'm not a big fan of consuming MSG cup noodles on a 10.5 hour flight to South Korea.


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