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Monday, 10 July 2006

How I came up with "The Daily Kimchi"

Well, as you may already know, the name of my blog is "The Daily Kimchi". You're probably asking yourself, "how the heck did Gdog come up with this? What's the rationale behind the name?

Well, it's your lucky day today because I'm going to reveal my thought process behind the name! According to Wikipedia, "Kimchi, also known as gimchi or kimchee is a traditional Korean dish of fermented chili peppers and vegetables, usually based on Chinese cabbage." Most Koreans eat kimchi daily and it is a staple part of their diet that goes with everyday meals.

Now, most newspapers are named "The Daily (fill in blank)"...I figured, since I would be teaching English in Korea and posting daily, I would name my blog "The Daily Kimchi" which is sort of a two sided sword. Most people get their news daily. Koreans, and in Seoul, where I will be living, Koreans need their kimchi. So why not put the two together?

News (daily) + kimchi (eaten daily) = EUREKA!!...The Daily Kimchi

There you have it. If this doesn't make any sense at all...send me a line!



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