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Thursday, 27 July 2006

I am so smart, S M R T!

What do I say when kids try to question the rules of the class? I point to the top left corner of the board and say the following in a scary voice (insert evil voice now):

Hard at work...

*Update: More uses with tacks...this is getting fun:

Ok...that Homer Simpson quote from the last post got me going. After we got to work, my jacket and bag looked like they were tossed into a swimming pool and retrieved. Where could I hang my bag and jacket without having any hangers in the room?

First I rummaged around for these:

...and in the end I came up with this:

Pretty cool if I say so myself. Who would've known tacks make great hooks for jackets and shoulder bags? Well, now you know!

If you look closely in the above picture, you will see a small black dome. That is the "big brother" digital recording system WITH audio. So every movement and sound I make is catalogued. Grreeeat!

I hope you are all enjoying my Korea blog on teaching English in Seoul!


Jon Allen said...

you bet. I've just read the whole lot now and added you to my blogroll.

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