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Tuesday, 25 July 2006

I caught a student passing notes today...

During a quiz on vocabulary in my Senior level class, I caught one of my female students with a small note. At first, I thought she was using it to cheat on the quiz. I gave her the benefit of the doubt, put the note in my pocket and moved on.

Later on during lunch, I had one of the campus counsellors translate the note. Turns out, it wasn't a note full of definitions--it was GOSSIP involving myself and Devante! Rough excerpts from the counsellor's translating is the following:

"Gdog's writing on the board is very messy..."

"His fiancee's name is Devante [we told our employer that we were "engaged" for accomodation purposes; any future plans regarding this matter have yet to be determined;-)], she's really pretty and she's in the class next door"

Anyways, we found it pretty humorous, we felt like we were reading a Korean Us Weekly magazine but without the scandalous pictures.


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