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Friday, 21 July 2006

Interesting Observations...

Did you know...

- That in Seoul, there is a MASSIVE recycling program? Each district within the city recycles their paper, plastics and organic matter separately. Downstairs near the garbage bins there are three distinct bins for this recycling process. Each district is REQUIRED to purchase coloured bags for their area. I think this is great that a city of 10 million can implement such a complex program.

- The parking entrance to Carrefour (read previous posts) is manned by an attendant. The funny thing is, the entrance to the parking lot has its own right hand turning lane ONLY. This hardworking fellow directs traffic into the parking lot (there is one way in, and that is to turn right) with intricate hand gestures (wearing white gloves, a white shirt with a red vest and a cowboy hat) and BOWS to all cars entering the lot. Let me add that rain does not deter him from his job. He has a glass hut just footsteps away. Pictures will be coming soon!

North America, take some notes here, because this is customer service--a dedicated employee to direct all cars turning right into a parking lot.


Jon Allen said...

very interesting, I am very keen on recycling too. I'm looking forward to coming out to Seoul soon.

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