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Friday, 14 July 2006

Internet in South Korea

Future Boy: Why the future is in South Korea - Jun. 14, 2006

The following snippet is from Business 2.0 Magazine:

"Ninety percent of the country has blazingly fast, 3-megabits-per-second broadband at home, and similarly high-speed wireless connections on the road. The telecom market is fiercely competitive, and broadband service costs the consumer less than $20 a month.

There are 20,000 PC baangs, or Internet cafes, where you can rent a superfast machine for $1 an hour. Online gaming has become a way of life, with nearly 3,000 South Korean videogame companies boasting combined revenues of up to $4 billion.

As a result, South Korea has become the world's best laboratory for broadband services - and a place to look to for answers on how the Internet business may evolve."

After reading the article, I am pretty sure getting connected to the internet in Seoul will not be a problem. What do you think? ;) Time to finish packing for our journey. Less than 72 hours to go till we board our flight at YVR to South Korea.


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