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Tuesday, 25 July 2006

It's currently raining...

Right now it's raining in Seoul, so that means walking to school in the rain. It's a good thing we only live about 8 minutes from work.

Oh boy, I forgot to mention to you guys and gals about the paper cup sizes here in Korea. There is this strange cup size that seems to be everywhere. It's about the size of those little Dixie cups you use at the dentist for rinsing our your mouth after an hour of pure terror. They are about one size bigger. But yeah, there is this instant coffee called Maxim that I'm addicted to. The good thing is the amount I'm drinking is not a lot but it's literally pure gold. You'll see when I post some pictures. We are off to work now, have a great evening.

*edit* Thanks to Google Image Search, here's a picture:
MAXIM Coffee Mix Mocha on sale - Delicious Asian drinks to choose from


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