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Thursday, 20 July 2006

Korean BBQ - finally!

Korea is famous for its barbeque. I have been dying to try some sort of bbq. Anyways, last night we went out for dinner with the teachers from our campus. The majority of them are Canadians. We went to this place next door for Korean bbq. There were eight of us and the total bill came to 73,000 Won, which is about $80cdn. We got a lot of food so here are the pictures.

Here are the sides that came with the meal:

This is raw crab in a spicy sauce...I tried it and it was ok. Hard to eat though cuz it's so freakn small:

These were the coals at our table. It was REALLY hot, like standing in front of a bbq back home. Oh yeah, bring it on!

Here is the pork that was placed on the grill. Along with that we also roasted some cloves of garlic too. We made wraps using lettuce, rice, pork, and kimchi along with some spicy sauce. I was sweating like CRAZY cuz of the heat from the coals and the food!

Sizzle, sizzle, sizzle...

Almost there...the employees changed the grill every 10 minutes once it got "charred" and the service was crazy...they bring out all the side dishes in a mad rush...

Ahh...the final result. I ate about 10 of these or more. haha.


Anonymous said...

I see alot of pork dishes in Korea. And me being muslim and planning to go there, I must avoid such dishes. Just curious, is it a huge part of dishes there?

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