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Friday, 28 July 2006

Korean Street Carnage - My first eye witness!

Korean Street Carnage

I had mentioned previously about how driving in South Korea is extremely aggressive. It is not uncommon for scooters to ride on the sidewalk (all restaurants do delivery here, and it's a competitive market so speed is of the essence) so you really do need to watch your back at all time.
On our way home from work, I hear this screech and BANG! I quickly turn around and I see this guy ram his car into another fellow who was stopping to turn left.

Look at the parked car to the left of the tree, that is the car this guy rear ended (it was raining super hard at the time). This guy stops right in the MIDDLE of this 4 lane road...and gets out...awesome! Watch the other cars avoid him! Who would've thought teaching English in Seoul would be so entertaining! ;)


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