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Tuesday, 11 July 2006

Learning how to speak Korean

So I was thinking the other day...(yes, I do that sometimes believe it or not) and I realized that it MIGHT be handy to learn some Korean before we embark on our journey to teach English in Korea. The moment our flight lands at Incheon International Airport we will have to speak some Korean at some degree. According to Wikipedia:

"The airport serves as a hub for international civilian air transportation and cargo traffic in East Asia. Security facilities are state-of-the-art and medical inspection equipment is also very advanced, in response to terrorist threats and various epidemics in southern Asia. As a result, Incheon International Airport is considered Asia's most technologically facilitated airport. It was recently voted the world's best airport in service and quality by the IATA.

Incheon International Airport is also currently Asia's seventh busiest airport, behind Tokyo International Airport (a.k.a. Haneda Airport, Tokyo), Beijing Capital International Airport (Beijing), Hong Kong International Airport (Hong Kong), Bangkok International Airport (Bangkok), Singapore Changi Airport (Singapore), and Narita Airport (near Tokyo)."

Back to learning how to speak Korean. I've taken the time to write down and learn some phrases. Check out the Official Site of Korean Tourism for a nice guide with audio playback if you are interested as well. I was able to practice how to say "hello" today when I went for lunch at Korean Gardens. "Ahn-young!"



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