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Saturday, 22 July 2006

Looking like a "Gyopo" in Seoul

Wikipedia defines a Gyopo as: a term originating from Korea, describing persons of Korean ethnic descent who have lived the majority of their lives outside Korea.

Now, everybody knows that I'm Chinese and not Korean. But no matter where we go, every single Korean merchant immediately starts talking to me in Korean! Only when I make a strange face and look at Devante, do they soon realize they've wasted 30 seconds of their life speaking Korean to me. It's pretty funny actually. Just imagine someone speaking a foreign language to you where ever you go. That's my situation right now--teaching English in Korea as a 6 foot 2 inch Chinese-Canadian that looks like a Korean.


Anonymous said...

Might I suggest wearying a Canadian flag pin on your shirt! Just point to that when they talk to you and they should get the idea.

Blonde one

Anonymous said...

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