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Wednesday, 26 July 2006

Maxim coffee--up close and personal

The first time I tried Maxim coffee, it was the "Mocha Gold" flavour you saw in the previous post. Well, that bag disappeared in a week and a new bag of regular Maxim returned in its place. Enjoy the pictures!

Here's that famous small "cup" that is everywhere in Korea:

The secret to making the perfect cup of Maxim coffee, is to fill the cup 1/4 way with hot water, swirl it around until the mixture is in a thick syrup, then fill'er up!

I must give credit where credit is due. Without this wonderful machine, I would be forced to drink nothing but water all day long. Thank you, my dear friend *tear*:


Elizabeth said...

I recently received Maxim coffee mix as a gift. I only received the individual packets, so not sure how to mix. If I use a regular coffee cup do I still need to mix 1/4 cup hot water, mix and fill?

Gary said...

Hmm, I would probably only fill up your coffee cup just under half way. Just test it out until you find the perfect mix.

Elizabeth said...

Thanks so much for the information.

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