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Tuesday, 25 July 2006

Ordering Delivery in Korea...video- listen closely

Ordering Delivery in Korea...listen closely

Listen as I force myself to believe that "talking slowly" and using choppy English will satisfy my looming hunger...the call was made using SkypeOut ($10US lets me call Canada for $0.024 cents/minute. Email me if you miss my voice and would like me to call you--it's on me). We gave her the address and were told it would be about 30 minutes. I called back after waiting for one hour. She said the delivery guy had some trouble. THEN she hands me over to the employee who can speak fluent English!!! So I repeat our order and in about 10 minutes, the food arrives (still piping hot). We got a small deluxe pizza, six pieces of fried chicken (including the neck, oh yummy), and a bottle of Coke for 14,300 KRW. If we had ordered before 5pm, the total would've only been 10,000 KRW! Dang it!

That little package on top contains pickles...hot sauce and parmesan cheese was included, along with some mysterious pickled vegetable in a tied up sandwich bag (*insert sarcasm* which I, unfortunately forgot to try--oh darn, maybe next time).

Trust me, it tasted really good. The fried chicken (my first friend chicken of the year and hopefully my last) was awesome. Also included was a random single chicken nugget and fried cheese stick. Where's my side of kimchi?!

We ordered #2 that is smack dab in the middle...


Anonymous said...

Next time you eat fried chicken, you have to eat it with that cubed pickled radish that was in that plastic wrap!! It's so good together!!

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