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Tuesday, 18 July 2006

Our accomodation and first Korean meal

Our school greeted us at the airport and took our pictures. They were really nice and it was good to see that they were very organized. Anyways, we had a driver take us to our campus. We had a brief visit and then headed straight to our accomodation. Our place is quite roomy, larger than we expected. As with most English teaching companies in Korea, our place came furnished. We arrived to see our bed, table, 2 chairs, fridge/freezer, 2 burners, pots, pan, cutlery, plates, bowls, cups, glasses, tv, washer, air conditioning and even slippers!

Here's a picture of our building:

Here's a picture of the inside (my back is to the window)

Here it is...the first meal. We had dinner with one of our campus staff. Here is a beef dish that was cooked on a burner with vegetables and broth:

And finally...the dish that started it all and the one that you've all been waiting for...KIMCHI! This kimchi was quite good but very spicy. Very tasty I might add. This picture is for all you fans out there, enjoy:


Anonymous said...

Wow Taya and Gary, your place is HUGE! Much larger than I was expecting it to be - I was thinking the Life networks English Teachers style! Haha

Glad to hear everything is going well so far. Take more pictures!

PS: I hope you have an amazing birthday Taya! Gotta love that birthday Kimchi with a candle!

Love - "The Blonde One"

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