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Wednesday, 26 July 2006

Pictures of my class

Here they are as promised, pictures of my class. Both classes are full of kids that want to learn and respond well to rules and respect discipline. When students are complaining about why "teacher can drink delicious Maxim coffee", my response is it's "my class". Muahahahha!

This is the reaction I get when I enter the class. Should I be worried?:

This usually happens when I do not shower for three days. "You love me...you really love me!"

I might as well add this here. We tried kimbab today for the first time. It's basically Korean sushi. We got two tuna rolls for lunch...for only 2500w a roll (the plate shows three rolls, one belonged to another staff member):


md said...

Love your blog! I'm hopefully coming to Korea with my fiance in January but he won't be teaching English. In Korea, at sushi places theyhave just regular old california rolls and avocado rolls, right?

Gdog said...

Yes...most places do but sushi is pricey in Seoul but delicious.

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