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Thursday, 13 July 2006

Registration with the Canadian Embassy

So we are pretty close to being ready to depart for South Korea to teach English. One thing on my "To Do" list was to register with the Canadian Embassy in Seoul. This is necessary in the event of any emergency requiring the assistance of Canadian authorities. Just a quick refresher, North and South Korea are technically still at war. An armistice agreement was signed that resulted in the 151 mile long Demilitarized Zone (DMZ), the world's most heavily defended border today (Side note: only Pierce Brosnan (aka James Bond) can make his way through the DMZ unscathed).

James Bond jages i Korea. "I visit The Daily Kimchi, daily!" - Pierce Brosnan

Anyways, with all the media frenzy going on about North Korea and their missile tests, I took the time to read the Emergency Evacuation Plan on the Canadian Embassy's Seoul website. The plan's single objective is "to help you depart from an area of possible danger, i.e. from within the Korean peninsula to points outside, or from a specific area within Korea to another point within Korea." Let's hope that we won't need to refer to this evacuation plan anytime soon.

Korean DMZ from the North Korean side.

...and the South side.

*images courtesy of Wikipedia


Anonymous said...

I fear for your life.


Gary said...

Chris K. (above) needs psychological help.

Henry Finn said...

Nice site. I just registered with the embassy recently reccently. It seems to have calmed down a bit now, but I guess its better the play it safe. I am not sure how safe the report made me feel. I just wrote a post on what I thought of it.


P.S. Have you gone to the DMZ? I would recomend it. I am going back there (2nd time) late November. This time I am going with USO tours so I can see Panmunjong. If you've gone hit me back with the name of the tour company you took/ how the experience was.

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