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Saturday, 15 July 2006

The "See you later" post

Just under 48 hours to go. Come this time on Monday, we'll be on our flight across the Pacific to South Korea to teach English for a year. But, as with most trips and adventures there is always a get together with friends and family. These last few days, packing aside, I've been spending it with family and friends. When you really think about it, one year is a long time to be gone away from home, but it will pass you by in a flash.

We had lunch today courtesy of a good friend of ours at Eugene's for their famous souvlaki. After that we went to Dairy Queen for a strawberry sundae. I figure you have to get these food cravings out of the way because in Seoul, the cuisine definately will be different. I'm actually looking forward to trying out all sorts of Korean food. I hope everyone who is reading this blog is enjoying it so far. Please feel free to leave a comment or email me.

Like the words of your favourite American Idol host, Ryan Seacrest, "Gdog, out." (Courtesy laughter appreciated.)

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Anonymous said...

dude, your blog made me spit my gatorade back into the bottle numerous times. good times! i have been toying with the notion of moving to SK to teach engrish for some time. i met some CDNs while travelling this summer through europe who raved aboot (sorry, cheap humor) the opportunities. after deciding that i was ready to leave the US again, i started looking into some programs. i should be there within 2 months if all goes well. i had a few more questions for you, but i cant get outlook to work on this computer. everytime i try to email you it prompts me to establish an outlook account--large headache. anywho, my email is bigzack723@gmail.com. i was wondering how much youre capable of saving while living a lifestyle comparable to the one youre living. sorry for such a long post, thanks for reading. any info would be greatly appreciated. keep up the posts!


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