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Friday, 14 July 2006

Site Design...few minor changes

I've changed the site around somewhat by placing links to other blog sites on the sidebar. This requires editing Blogger's HTML script manually so I'm still learning.

Back to my journey on teaching English in Korea. We've received confirmation that we will be picked up at the airport by the Human Resources manager that we've been corresponding with. The plan is as follows: travel to the school to tour the campus; go to our accomodation and verify a checklist to ensure that our furnishings are all included (EG, Bed, sheet, two pillows, comforter, washer, air conditioner [my favourite], drying rack, table, two chairs, TV, dresser, etc). The best part about this is that we have been told these furnishings will be new. Time will tell. That's how the market is right now in Korea for teaching English. There is a very high demand so companies want to attract as many native English speaking foreigners as possible (which just so happens to include us!). We were very lucky to be placed in Seoul, where the action is!


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