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Saturday, 22 July 2006

Teaching English News to come...

I'm not sure if anyone has noticed, but I seem to be trigger-happy with my Canon SD400 digital camera when it comes to taking picture of Korean food. Well, I just happen to love taking pictures and eating food, so it's a great combination in my opinion. More pictures will come of Korean monuments, temples, museums, etc...we just need more time to explore.

For those who are reading my blog to learn about teaching English in Korea, we haven't started officially teaching yet. We start on Tuesday. What I will say is that prior to our arrival, I did my homework on Korean hagwons (known as English teaching schools). Our school is one of the biggest non-franchised English schools in Korea. Our campus was built this year and it's literally brand new. The company paid for our airfare to Seoul, they are paying for our accommodation in a modern "officetel" built in 2004, and we live 8 minutes away from work. You need to understand that the competition for native English speaking teachers in Korea is extremely fierce at the moment. These companies need you. So do not hesitate when it comes to negotiating your salary and accommodation. We have a couple coworkers who ended up smaller apartments in older buildings. One of them has a view of a men's URINAL out the window! It is imperative that you ask, ask, ask and, oh yeah, ask 100's of questions. Think critically about the negative stuff you read, especially on Dave's ESL Cafe. The community over there is overly bitter, so ignore them at best. That's been my two cents (in Korean won of course).


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