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Sunday, 23 July 2006

TGI Friday's on a Sunday

When we first arrived at our work saw the building, we were a bit baffled that there was a TGI Friday's downstairs and a Pho Hoa across the street. Were we back in BC? Anyways, tonight we decided to go test out the waters there as we were getting a bit tired of eating Korean everyday (I still love Korean though).

Anyways, when we met the hostess at the stand the same routine that happens to me everywhere occured: she talked to me in Korean, only to find out I did not understand a word after seeing the puzzled look on my face. Luckily, she spoke Korean. We were told to have a seat (the restaurant was not to capacity) to wait. Anyways, shortly after I told her we worked at the company upstairs and she immediately said, "oh, you can have a seat now" and then took us to our table!

Our server was really friendly and took our order. We decided on the chicken quesadilla and the TGI Friday's burger (both being very expensive by the way). After our bread came, I mentioned to our server that we worked upstairs and that we were from Canada. She immediately was so happy and surprised she offered us pop. I wasn't sure if this was free but she was adamant on giving us free pop. So we got free soft drinks (Coke and Sprite) to go along with our bread!

Here's the food (I bet you guys are hungry after seeing so many picture of nothing but food on a blog about "Teaching English and Living in Korea"...the burger was flame broiled with cheese and bacon and might I add it was delicious. The quesadilla was awesome too. We were stuffed to say the least.

...and the aftermath...*burp*


Coal said...

I wish I was getting a bigger bed. However, I don't have excessive height issues to make it a priority. I believe I shall manage. :) My Fiance who is over there right now, unlike, me who won't be there until August 12th, bought a huge Korean-English dictionary that helped him translate the manual for his washing machine. He says I have to do the same, the big meanie. I think he should just show me how to operate it when I get there. ;)

Anywho, good luck on all the washing of the clothing and such.

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