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Friday, 28 July 2006

...thank you Carrefour food court

...welcome back! Here is the huge "food model" display at the Carrefour foodcourt. The food models are so realistic, the moment you feast your eyes on them, you will be salivating like Pavlov's dog.

This is what we decided on for 4800w. It's called bibimbap and it's what we also had for LUNCH! Here's a shot of the food model...how close will the resemblance be to the ACTUAL dish?...drumroll please....

...Ta da! Here it is. We thought there was no spicy hot sauce, but it was hidden in the middle. It also included two soups and sides as well. Delicious!

Here's a picture of my bibimbap from lunch time (next time I will request the sauce on the side):

Mmmm....don't you want to visit Korea now? You can eat like me if you do!


Anonymous said...

Hey, that's my all time fave! mmm, getting hungry, lol.

BTW, I thoroughly enjoyed reading your blog (instead of getting work done). Thanks! :)

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