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Sunday, 23 July 2006

Two beds are better than one

If you're planning on coming to South Korea to teach English, be prepared to negotiate with your employer. I posted earlier about salary and accomodation. Now, during my repeated emails to Human Resources (I found out when I arrived that they had a running joke everyday, "did Gdog email you yet?") I told them my sob story about how I'm 6ft 2inches tall and that a double bed (the standard size given to singles or couples) was not going to work for me. They looked into the situation and it was rectified. They ordered us a QUEEN! Now, we were pretty excited about this. Devante is a light sleeper and I have a tendency to roll around a lot and snore occasionally (I think she is lying when she accuses me of this every morning). Anyways, we realized that the box spring underneath our mattress was actually another bed!

So looky looky, we now have two queen sized beds laid out. It's wonderful! So remember, negotiate and press your employer repeatedly with daily emails. It pays off! Here's a picture of our two beds side by side:


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