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Wednesday, 16 August 2006

Cooking without a recipe...haha

For fans of Michael Smith from the Food Network Canada , his mantra is "cooking without a recipe". Now, I enjoy (and miss) Michael's show but his motto is still etched into my brain (and tattooed on my arm--kidding).

So, here is another episode of our "Homemade Dinners" by Chef Gdog. Let's see what kind of storm I cooked up the other night.

Here we have some vegetables prepped. Onions, mushrooms, garlic and New Zealand beef (next time I'm buying ground beef instead; chopping with a DULL knife is not very fun). Can you guess what I'm making?:

Looks like we're having spaghetti tonight...we added one can of Hunt's Tomato sauce and whole tomatoes, enoki mushrooms, spinach, basil, tofu and a touch of Heinz ketchup.

Ta da! Here is the final result, topped with melted Monterrey Jack Cheese (the same two pound block from Costco that has lasted us three weeks. Thank you Costco.):


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