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Tuesday, 29 August 2006

Eating @ Spongy seafood buffet!

When we arrived in Seoul to teach English a month ago, we noticed advertisements around Mokdong promoting Spongy, a seafood buffet located by the Megabox movie theatre, near the Hyundai Department Center. They have their normal lunch and dinner buffets Monday to Friday and weekends are more expensive.

Since we will be starting the regular teaching schedule at work this week (working nights till 10pm) we wanted to try out the Spongy buffet while we had the chance. Sooo...The Daily Kimchi charged up the camera batteries and cleared the memory cards for your enjoyment. Our findings were absolutely spectacular! Get readyyyyyyy!

Waiting for a table at Spongy:

The table setting:

All you can eat crab legs!

Plate #1: smoked salmon, sashimi (tuna/salmon), other items:

Plate #2: Korean bbq, 1 piece of KIMCHI, crab legs...

Plate #3: bbq oyster, more sushi, bacon wrapped asparagus (hard to find in Korea!):

Plate #4: more crab legs and get this...baby back ribs that were fresh out of the rotisserie oven! I had about 6 servings of the smoked salmon by the way. muahahaha!!!

Plate (bowl) #5: nang-myun (ice noodles):

Plate #6: I'm getting hungry again...I'm at a loss for words!

They had an open grill where they made fresh pasta to order:

Plate #7: the result of the picture above--seafood pasta!

Plate #8 (the dessert plate): some pastries, rambutans (prev. frozen, darn!), and frozen yogurt (which tasted exactly like Red Mango!):

All in all, we *burp* had a wonderful dinner at Spongy (there were six of us altogether) and I definately will be going back (next time I will bring a wheelchair so Devante can roll me out of the restaurant). If you are coming to teach English in Seoul, visit Spongy!

Directions: get off at the Omokyo subway station and take exit #2. Walk towards the SBS building and venture into the plaza on your right. If you can find the Megabox, you will find Spongy!


Anonymous said...

hey, nice pictures! those made me drool all over. Anyway, a small correction I found with the title of picture #5. If you were trying to say the glass noodles in Korean, I believe it is Dang Myoen/Myoen, not Nang myun. Seriously, just by looking at those pictures I can see myself in heaven.

Anonymous said...

^ really? .. i'm pretty sure its nang myun though, or at least thats what my family calls it (korean btw).
anyways, the pictures look really good~ :D just wondering. .how much was it to eat there? XD

Anonymous said...

can u give me the website of this restaurant?

Anonymous said...

How much is the buffet?

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