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Saturday, 19 August 2006

Free furniture on the streets of Mokdong

I've been looking for a computer chair and desk for our officetel...since the kitchen table just isn't big enough. Plus, the only places to sit are these kitchen chairs (which aren't comfortable for long periods of time; I have to sit at a right angle) or on our bed.

Anyways, on our way back from Starbucks (read post below) Devante noticed an office chair on the side of the road (Korean throw out a lot of furniture; we've seen used couches, tables, etc...if there is a yellow garbage tag it's fair game for anyone to take it). We examined the chair and it was in good condition! So we proceeded to ROLL it back home. You should've seen the looks we were getting, it was awesome!

So this summarizes our Saturday afternoon: used books, a free chair and a hand bag:

Check out Devante's new LeSportsac hand bag:

Here's the second FREE chair...this one was right outside our place. I love the double back system...that way I can just lean back:

This chair is so comfortable...it's the poor man's La-Z-Boy chair!


Jon Allen said...

Hey, if you see any tables out there let me know. I could really do with a table for the computer.

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