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Friday, 11 August 2006

Friday Night: IN THE VIP!

On Friday night after work...we were IN THE VIP! The VIP meaning VIPS Restaurant that is. This place caught my eye a few weeks ago when I saw the steaks on their menu. Anyways, we ventured there and had a wonderful dinner. I didn't go for the steaks as it was crazy expensive (28CDN-40CDN) but we went with their fully loaded salad bar instead. Here we go!

Main entrance:

Picture of the salad bar:

The dessert station:

The complimentary pre-dinner VIPS wetnap for your dining pleasure:

Here's the place setting:

Plate #1: I decided to start with some spaghetti with meat sauce and some square sized pieces of sushi laden with hot sauce:

Plate #2: I had to go for the smoked salmon (it was awesome, notice the capers and onions...if only you could taste the lemon juice too) and a small salad (with an Asian vinegrette). The best part about this place was all the veggies! Alfalfa sprouts, cherry tomatoes, etc...stuff that reminds me of home. These veggies also are very expensive in Korea. We might come here once a month to load up on veggies!

Plate #3: A hard taco and soft taco...sour cream, real guacamole and salsa...oh yeah!

Plate #4: Ok, I had to eat more smoked salmon and sushi. I added some tomato salad and a roll this time.

Plate #5: Alright, at this time I'm starting to feel full and decide to start on dessert. Here in Korea, they are really big on eating shaved iced desserts. It's a bowl of shaved ice with added toppings. I added ice cream, red beans, fruit, mango and berry sauce, some sort of corn flakes, walnuts and topped it off with some condensed milk. Very tasty.

Plate #6: Dessert plate number two (come on, you gotta have seconds). This time around I had some tiramisu both green tea and regular flavored. That's a chocolate scone (made in house) along with a lychee and some pineapple, an almond cookie and last, but not least a nacho chip with some taco beef topped with sour cream and guacamole (cue Will Ferrel from the movie Old School: "Once it hits your lips, it's so good!").

Plate #7: OK...around this time I am pretty content with my meal--that is until I see a staffer bring out a fresh smoked salmon platter. Soooo...I decide to eat some more! Gotta get our 17,900w money's worth! muahhaha!

Plate #8 (am I crazy?): Here we go, this is the final plate of all plates. It's a scone...but the best part is the jam. You SQUEEZE the jam out of the package. I will post a video so you can check out how it works. So cool!

A post on The Daily Kimchi is not complete without something cool...and here is that "cool" factor you've all been waiting for...it's the hand dryer in the washroom. I think there was a flux capacitor inside, it was so powerful.


estlxlan said...

seems like u r having good food every other day! watch ur wt! if not we will be seeing lots of gym equipment in months to come?! =P

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