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Monday, 21 August 2006

Getting a haircut in Seoul...

The last time I got my hair cut was back home in mid-July. Given that it's now been over a month, my hair was calling my name to get a little trim. I asked around to find out the location of moderate priced salons/barber shops and I ended up going to Park Jun Salon (location and info courtesy of my students).

Anyways, I went in there after work and got my hair cut for 15,000w. That include a prewash, cut, another wash afterwards and some gel. Here's the secret to getting your hair cut in Seoul if you can't speak Korean: call your boss, tell them what you want done and then let your boss talk to the stylist. It worked like a charm for me! My hair looks good, but it's not perfect like I'm used to. Oh well, at least I found a nice place to cut my hair.

I would post pictures, but I took my camera with me and FORGOT to bring the memory card (it was still attached to my computer's memory slot, DUH!). I guarantee pictures next time, mark my word and also mark your calendars!

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