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Thursday, 10 August 2006

Home cookin: salmon, pork and MASHED POTATOES!!!

Ok, check it out...the other night night I made a crazy dinner that "off the chain". I bought some marinated pork from Carrefour (why do I always post about Carrefour?), spinach and some of those stringy mushroom thingies and made a great dinner.

What you're looking at is some pan seared pork cutlets and a salmon filet (Atlantic, farmed and previously frozen from my other favorite store, Costco) resting on top of spinach and Monterrey Jack cheese mashed potatoes!! Now that's what you call a taste of home. They were creamy and finally we added salt and pepper to our condiment arsenal. The spinach and mushroom thingies (please email me if you know what they are called) were quickly flash fried in some oil, salt and pepper and a splash of soya sauce that quickly reduced, concentrating the flavors. In the words of Tony the Tiger, our meal was GGGRRRRREATT!


Anonymous said...

That looks quite tasty! Those mushrooms are enoki mushrooms.

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