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Saturday, 5 August 2006

Jessica Live! (In Costco)

Jessica Live!

Watch her sing her guts out in a Korean Costco! The Koreans were having a great time! She works with us at and I would assume she now has some Korean fans!

Today we went to Costco--AGAIN! It has been two weeks in a row. We showed a couple of our coworkers how to get there. Today we spent some more time in the food court (hot dog + pop for 2000w) and bought a few groceries. I bought a Swiffer type sweep for our place (the daily dust/hair build up is gross). I enjoyed eating all the free samples yet once again...they were amazing!


Anonymous said...

Hahha .. I work at costco here in California .. just funny how costcos are pretty much same everywhere. Were the swiffers on coupon?
**I have a Korean girlfriend and she is from Seoul.

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