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Saturday, 19 August 2006

Korean movie theatres...Miami VICE!

Friday night...what to do? How about dinner at VIPS again, and then catching a flic? We saw Miami Vice with some coworkers at the CGV cinema located in the basement of the Hyundai Department Center (Korea loves to build deep underground).

Here's the ticket counter to buy your tickets...7000w each:

Our tickets to Miami Vice (I love Michael Mann's sound effects):

Here's the hallway entrance...I felt like I was entering The Matrix!

Now here's something you don't see back home...assigned seating:

...and last but not least a picture of the theatre itself. The seats were comfy, but I would've liked some more leg room:


Anonymous said...

The theatre looks comfy and nice! And on your comment 'korea likes to build underground', perhaps its a precaution for a North Korean invasion?

Anonymous said...

I find the assigned seating in Korea's theater very funny. But the good thing is first come gets first pick. It's also odd that they don't have hotdogs, but they have sausages on a stick. I love how all the CGV's have a beautiful interior!

Anonymous said...

can you drink alcohol in the theatres in korea?

Lionel Braithwaite said...

Do they have Interac in Korea, or something like Interac that allows you to use just your ATM card?

Gary said...

Anonymous: nope, no alcohol (unless you sneak it in yourself).

Lionel: No Interac. Cash is king in Korea for foreigners.

Anonymous said...

I am not trying to show off or anything like that but Interac's available. I have used it several times

Lionel Braithwaite said...

Great, what's the Korean version called?

Sensation Films said...

CGV HAS started selling beer in cinemas, ENJOY!!

jagadeesh said...

Excuse me everybody, i saw the World's largest screen Starium theatre in CGV cinemas, can any of you tell me where is the theatre located, that big screen theatre...pls reply anybody

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