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Saturday, 5 August 2006

Korea's amazing recycling initiative

I had mentioned previously about how recycling in Korea is amazing. Stores, restaurants and food courts all sort out their garbage. I have taken the time to provide to you, my faithful blog fans what I really mean. Plastic cups, lids, straws, liquids, paper and garbage all have to be separated.

Your favorite fast food chain, McDonald's (Ok, so we have eaten here a couple times):

You favorite big box store from the Pacific Northwest (Kirkland brand goods 4 life):

Your favorite 31 flavour ice cream stop, Baskin Robbins (Devante had an ice cream cone):

Your future favorite coffee shop, The Coffee Bean (coffee is moderately priced here):

At The Coffee Bean, once you place your plastic cup into the recycling bin below, you press the red button on this machine and it will refund 50w to you. That is the charge for a take out cup.

I think some cities in Canada could pull off a similar recycling program. Every Korean citizen abides by the rules and places everything in its designated place. Pretty impressive.


Anonymous said...

Wow. I'm so glad that companies in Seoul take recycling seriously. Thanks for the pictures. If only we could get companies in the US to take the same initiative.

Anonymous said...

True, koreans are in the right with the recycling. there are even laws about throwing your personal waste out in certain colored bags depending on what you have. I think yellow in my area is for purely food waste, vegetable pieces and what not.

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peace Trav

Anonymous said...

Hi I would like to ask for you to satisfy my personal curiosity about the apparently tormented relationship between Koreans and littering.

I've travelled to Korea several times, and I have never, never, never seen a single paper bin along any road of the country.

One day of October, in Daegu, some years ago, I saw literally a carpet made of booklets and advertisement leaflets, covering the whole of a road in the city centre.

Have you experienced that, too?
How can this be explained?

Thanks in advance to help me solve this long-standing dilemma. Annyoung !!

Gary said...

Vega, the answer to all your questions are answered in this post:


Enjoy!! :)

Anonymous said...

Thank you, Gdog, very enlightening... :)

Anonymous said...

I personally think that Korea is doing a good job on recycling. In the states, I've never had to recycle. However, in Korea it's a must. Even the trash bags are colored differently according to paper and food waste. Plastic can be put into any plastic bag, but it also must be seperated from paper and food waste. Save the planet or is it Save Korea.

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