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Tuesday, 22 August 2006

Last day of the "intensive" schedule--off to Jeju Island

The final day of the "intensive" schedule was today. I had a pizza party with my Basic class (everybody brought in 1000w; we got 2XL pizzas for 14,9000w) and handed out their "progress reports". With my Senior class, I took seven kids to the corner store and let them spend 1000w each. They were pretty happy with that.

Anyways, we now have one full week off! We will be spending our time on Jeju Island, also known as the "Hawaii of Korea" as it's a volcanic island with sandy beaches. The flight to Jeju from Gimpo International Airport (which is conveniently located really close to Mokdong; just 7-8 subway stops away) will take about one hour. We will come back on Saturday so that means The Daily Kimchi will be on vacation for the next few days. When I return, you can expect pictures of Jeju Island, the beaches, food (what's new?), and other scenic spots.

Go along now...enjoy the rest of your week and don't worry, we will be back online soon!

Yours truly,

The location of Jeju Island

Byangdo - a small island off the Western Jeju (Hyopje - a very quiet beach with emerald water, excellent view on Byangdo Islet; we are going to this beach...we must!)


estlxlan said...

enjoy the vacation with the kids! i'm sure it will be fun! =)

by the way, what's with all the advertisments? are you paid for having it on your blog?

Jimbo said...

Noooooo don't leave!!!
I have nothing else to do during the day until I come to Korea except read the Daily Kimchi!
What will I do now?!!!

Anonymous said...

LOL, have fun on your vaca, Gdog and Lady Gdog! Hubby and I loved Jeju (yep, can you believe I've only been there ONE time?!?), but it's been a looooong while since. Looking forward to you pics. :-)

Gary said...

Hey everyone, thanks for the kind words! We will enjoy Jeju on your behalf. Be prepared to be bombarded with pictures and videos when I return!

estlxlan: those ads you see are part of my involvement with Google's Adsense program. It is a method for webmasters owners to monetize their websites. Check out the link on my site for more info! ;)

Unknown said...

Looks amazing. Have a great trip. Looking forward to a few "what I ate on vacation" posts!

Jon Allen said...

Have fun

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