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Monday, 28 August 2006

Sharpening our dull kitchen knives...

Now, if you looked closely at the cubes of beef in my "Beef Stew" post below, this was made possible by our newly sharpened kitchen knives. Our accomodation came furnished by our employer (most companies do this when you come to Korea to teach English) but our kitchen knives were so dull they were on the verge of being dangerous.

Sooo...I had a magical thought one day. How would I sharpen my knives? I came up with the idea of asking the BBQ restaurant next door (where I had my first infamous experience with "naeng myun," aka "ice noodles"). I proceeded upstairs, but something seemed different about the place. The management had changed ownership and I did not recognize any of the employees! I tried to motion to an employee about sharpening my knives but I was denied...

...at this point I had no expectations about getting my knives sharpened, because I knew I was pushing my luck. So I ventured to the king crab restaurant next door and asked the owner there. He was reluctant at first, but then he quickly obliged to my Korean "charades" and started sharpening my knives right there on the sidewalk! He did a wonderful job and I thanked him for his kindness. I told him that I would be coming back for dinner in the near future. He motioned at the 45,000w/kg price per crab (approximately 47US/2.2lbs), with most crabs weighing in at 2-3kg!

He will soon find out that Gdog takes his food seriously and I am determined to conquer all restaurants in Seoul! It's part of my master plan...muhahahhahaha!

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