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Wednesday, 9 August 2006

Subway in Korea...eat FRESH!

We went to Subway on Monday for lunch...and it was delicious. However, the bread here in Korea has a slight hint of sweetness. Bread is considered a dessert here so there is always a slight hint of sugar. The sandwich makers here do things a bit differently when they make your sandwich though. Instead of cutting your sandwich and then wrapping it up like back home in Canada, the reverse happens here. Your sandwich is wrapped and then cut.

I actually enjoyed eating my sub more this way, as the sub held together much better. Back home, when I eat my subs they always fall apart because Subway employees butcher them when cutting them (please, don't take offense if you work at Subway; only some locations do this. hehe).

There was a poster inside the store of everybody's best friend, Jared the Subway guy. I should've taken a picture. Darn. Next time.


Anonymous said...

In the United States, the Subway also wraps then cuts.

Gary said...

They don't do that in Canada...although guess they would if you asked. It's much easier to eat with the wrap, then cut method.

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