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Tuesday, 29 August 2006

Walmart in KOREA!

OK OK OK...yeah I know, visiting Walmart in Korea sounds weird...but who doesn't like Walmart (it's not like they close their locations because employees try to start a union)?

There are sixteen (yes, I said sixteen) locations in Korea and I was lucky (it's lucky to visit Walmart?) enough to visit one of them. It required a 3200w bus ride for a round trip (expensive compared to the subway; next time we're going to a different location) to the location we went to. We decided to venture to Walmart at 10:30pm after stuffing our faces full at Spongy seafood buffet (read posts below).

The Walmart locations here are of the SUPERCENTER type, in other words open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Here's the funny part of the story. Out of all the days we visit this store...guess what we find out? IT'S THE ONE DAY THEY CLOSE AT MIDNIGHT TO DO INVENTORY! D'OH! Soooo...our trip was short and interesting to say the least.

Welcome to Walmart!

All hail our everyday low prices!

Yes, that's right...365 days a year, 24 hours a day...yet we show up on the day they do inventory:

Inside Walmart we found this pet store with puppies and kittens...just months old. It was hard seeing them in cages--way too young to be alone:

Look at the eyes on this kitten--blue and green!

The checkout at Walmart:

Hello Walmart smiley guy thinga-majig:

...and finally, what's a post on The Daily Kimchi without a picture of...KIMCHI!


Jon Allen said...

Hi Gdog.
You know how in this place all the shops selling the same thing all tend to be grouped together along the same street?
Well if you want to see pets there is the main road, from Chungmuro metro station leading away from the city centre that is non-stop pet shops. Hundreds of puppies and kittens all in little boxes on the street and in the shops.
I've yet to visit any of these big supermarkets, the Lotte super market at Seoul station is the biggest I've seen so far.

Gary said...

Cool, thanks for the tip, we might check it out! :)

Anonymous said...

Isn't it sad that Wal-mart is shutting down all over Korea? I guess anything that is not owned by Koreans is bound to fail.

Anonymous said...

I an moving to Korea soon as an English Teacher from Las Vegas, USA

I HATE Walmart for their anti-union policies and their brutal 'China price" demand of vendors. So many American companies have gone out of business not to mention the thousands of small town business districts killed off. Koreans are apparently smarter and have a conscience more than Americans who chase the lowest price, whatever the cost.

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