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Tuesday, 8 August 2006

Yongsan Electronics Market!!!

Now, for those who know me you are aware that I am an electronics fiend. I love everything digital in this world. So, right so on Sunday, we made our way to one of my most anticipated destinations--Yongsan Electronics Market. This market contains over 5000 shops and is the largest electronics market in Asia, bigger than ones in Japan and Hong Kong.

Here's a picture of a map taken at the Singil transfer station:

Here's a picture inside Yongsan Station:

We didn't even get a chance to venture to the shops outside, as we spent the majority of our time inside the newly developed I'Park Mall:

Prior to my adventure into electronics heaven, we found a Dippin Dots knock off. "Look Ma, Mini Melts!"

OK...here we go baby. Within I'Park Mall, there are five (yes, I said five) floors dedicated to electronics in the Digital Space section of the mall. Just imagine your local Best Buy times ten. This place is colossal.

I am currently in the market for my first digital SLR camera. The pricepoints are now within reason for the average consumer. There are over ten camera counters, all different vendors selling the exact same products. However, each vendor quoted me a different price for the camera that I wanted.

This electronics part of I'Park Mall was tremendous. We barely dented the surface. We are going back, that's for sure!

All this window shopping created an appetite. Can you guess what kind of pictures will come next? You got that right...FOOD!!

This restaurant was inside the Food Court section of I'Park Mall (yes, it was spicy; yes, I did eat kimchi; yes, I did enjoy it; yes, I think kimchi is wearing down the inner lining of my stomach):

A night shot outside of I'Park Mall:

Next time, we're gonna visit the 5000+ shops outside. Maybe I'll even make a purchase! :)


Anonymous said...

FYI for others looking for the market. The writeup here is just for the Ipark electronics portion.

The main market is actually in seperate buildings across from Ipark connected by an elevated crosswalk that goes over the train lines (picture here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:YongsanTerminalMart.JPG) that building pictured and the others across the street have larger selections and better prices than the stores in Ipark itself.

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