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Tuesday, 12 September 2006

Cino's Cheesecake @ COEX Hyundai Department store

We visited the Hyundai Department store at COEX (one other visit is here). Every Hyundai location has a food court and this time we noticed a long line up at a particular stall. It was a cheesecake vendor by the name of Cino's Cheesecake (with locations in Osaka, Singapore & Seoul).

You know the saying "monkey see, monkey do" right? Well, low and behold, Gdog quickly jumps into the line up after realizing there were only twelve cakes were ready to be sold. The best part about this story is-- that we were the lucky recipients to receive the LAST cake! The poor souls no pun intended...get it...Seouls? hee hee) behind us had to wait for the next batch! muhahah! ;)

The price for one cheesecake was 6000w. Time to see what all the fuss was about!

Cino's Oven Fresh Cheesecake...famous in Asia (well, in Osaka, Singapore and Seoul):

Here's the line up. It ends by the little boy in the orange shirt. What am I lining up for?

This hard working chap was making cheesecake nonstop. He can only make a dozen cakes at a time for freshness (every 15 minutes to be exact):

What makes our cheesecake so special? They should hire me for proofreading. ;-)

After chilling the cheesecake for a few hours...we jumped into the little sucker. The taste was actually pretty good. It was more of an Asian-style cheesecake...almost Japanese-like with the light, fluffy texture.


estlxlan said...

i live in singapore and we have the same "monkeys see- monkey do" phenomenal too. =)

cino cheese cake is certainly available and rather popular here. err...the queuing bit is a little too exaggerating, isn't it?!

Gary said...

Yes...I think it is a marketing strategy--you see so many people lining up, you think it has to be good! It worked on me! ;)

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