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Friday, 8 September 2006

Getting paid in Korea...first full pay cheque!

If you're coming over to teach English in Korea, you'll need to know that you will get paid once a month instead of biweekly. Therefore, it is always a good idea to bring some money with you to last for a month (or leading up to pay day). We brought money with us to eat and for other expenses but leading up to pay day, we were really scraping at the bottom of the barrel (*cough* Jeju Island + The New Kyungnam Hotel used up my durian money).

Well...technically I could've exchanged some money but I thought it might be interesting to budget and spend only our Korean Won. Saving money means cooking and packing lunches and eating some "low budget" meals/snacks.

Here's an example of our packed "dinner"...a shrimp and cheese omelette, potstickers and brown rice:

Here's a low budget snack...instant noodles in a cup and a bag of Sun Chips (I've come to the conclusion that the flavor is "sweet"...every chip tasted like candy):


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