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Saturday, 16 September 2006

How to open a durian...the process!

I've talked about my durian adventures before in the past, but this time I bit the bullet and splurged on an entire durian from Carrefour (my favorite store, of course).

The tools required for opening a durian is as follows:
- 1 sharp knife
- a dish towel or padded glove (so the spikes don't maul your hands)

Here's the weird part. I've had fresh durian once before in Macau. When we bought it from a market the entire stand just reeked. But with frozen durian there is no pungent odor at all! The smell was so minimal I opened this durian within our officetel! haha (Devante was pretty happy about that)!

"Look at me...waiting to be opened!" (I'd like to say thanks to The Korean Herald for being the place mat). The secret is making an incision right where you see the baby spikes growing apart--if this line if found, you will have made a cut right in the center of the seed underneath. Do not cut too deep or you will puncture your precious durian. Cut approximately half an inch deep.:

The results of finding the "durian equator"...I made my small opening and was able to use my hands to force it open and then slice away some of the outer shell--there it is...sweet, creamy flesh in it's frozen glory!

Repeat the process until your durian shell looks like this. Since my durian had been defrosting for a day, the shell got a little soft and was easy to pry open.

If you have the magic touch, you can have your durian look like this on a plate. Unharmed and ready to be eaten. I ate one seed and froze the rest for a rainy day. It's much cheaper than buying the frozen bags for 7000w. I know this looks revolting but trust me it tastes amazing! (8US; if you need conversion help, visit here).


ZenKimchi said...

You just couldn't wait, couldjya...

Gary said...

Hehe...sorry, but I see those suckers in the freezer every time I visit Carrefour...and I couldn't resist! When are we gonna have our durian feast??

imoet said...

I miss it as much as I miss my country.
Screamed happily when once i saw it at E-mart. But screamed louder as I saw the price: 100,000 Won!!

So I can find this fruit at Carrefour. I'll look for one this weekend. How much was it....? (Err.....hope not as expensive as the one I saw at E-mart...)

Gary said...

Carrefour is no longer in Korea, it's now Homever. Before, it was 17,000w PER durian, which was extremely reasonable! I went through at least three or four during that time. Now, Homever has decided to price them according to weight, which has pushed their price to 30,000w+!!

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