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Sunday, 17 September 2006

Insadong: the glorious sights

If you do visit Insadong, here are some of the sights you will see...

If you're visiting before 2pm...cars are permitted down the street. So you have to REALLY watch your back:

Here is some pottery that is for sale at many shops and stalls:

Want some traditional candy? Have some from this giant slab of sugar!

Want something a bit more savory? How about these? People eat these things like popcorn!

OK, I'll try not to gross you out so here's a nice picture of a flower growing in water filled cement blocks throughout the streets:

Where are these two going?

Turns out they were on their way to perform inside the plaza of this unique market square. The building is one giant spiral to the top...just keep on walking!

Can you guess what this is? If you guessed Starbucks, you are correct--it's written in Hangul!

Last but not least, a food shot. This was my lunch, cheese and kimchi dolsotbibimbap (bibimbap served in a hot stone bowl so it says warm).


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