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Thursday, 21 September 2006

Interesting groceries at the Hyundai Department center...

The Hyundai Department Store chains are deemed "luxury" and "high end" so most things in the store are expensive. Since we all know that my pockets are deep, I like to shop and hang out there (window shop that is). Here are some observations from the Hyundai grocery store near us...

We found a Cino's Cheesecake at the Hyundai Department center near us in Omokgyo (click here to visit our first experience with Cino's. Here's how it really looks like before you dig into the sucker:

This is what a 1400w cookie looks like (approx. $1.50US)...it was delicious:

Who likes their fruit hermetically sealed and pretty? I do! Check this out...they are on pedestals:

If you are wondering, yes that is a durian in the bottom corner. When you pay almost 70USD for a durian, they pre-cut the openings it for you...(my durian opening instructions are here):

This lobster has the biggest claws I've ever seen in my entire life (it's probably also 100 years old). It looks like Homer's pet lobster, Mr. Pinchy from The Simpsons!

These crabs were out of control. The bottom half of their claws were cut for safety and they were just running all over the place.

Here's the video, check it out!

Want some fresh fish? Here you go:


Anonymous said...

i feel sorry for the poor crabs!!

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