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Wednesday, 13 September 2006

Interesting sights on the subway

If you are on your way to teaching English in Korea, you will observe interesting things on the subway. You have salesman that go from subway car to subway car. The occasional beggar will make their way through with a little speaker blaring music. There's not a lot to do on the subway. The seats are facing each other so you can either have staring contests all day or sleep (I'm trying to master sleeping standing up).

Anyways, on our way back from COEX, I noticed a girl sketching in her notebook. She was drawing a picture of the people sitting in front of her. I luckily had my camera and took a picture of her working away. So in other words, I took a picture of someone drawing pictures (there was probably someone taking a picture of me taking a picture of the girl drawing).

These people are the "subjects":

Recognize anything?


estlxlan said...

wow. she is very gifted!

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