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Saturday, 9 September 2006

Korean fried chicken + HOF

Koreans love their fried chicken and beer. If you are looking for a place to drink beer, look for the "HOF" sign. Anyways, the fried chicken and "HOF" combo is on every street corner. Friday night was the time for us to give it a try. You can read about my other experience at TwoTwo by clicking here.

We went to TwoTwo Fried Chicken...located near Mokdong station. There is also another location near Omokgyo station. It's in an alley so ask around and you will find it.

This place was packed...everybody was enjoying their chicken while watching Independence Day (Will Smith is the man) and drinking copious amounts of beer:

Here's a free appetizer...popcorn; a little on the stale side but it gives you something to munch on before you warm up to the chicken--bring it on!

Another complimentary side dish...pickled radish. These sides are unlimited, you can just keep asking for more. Ask and yee shall receive!

Here's the chicken! It was delicious...crispy and juicy but not drenched in grease. The Korean method of cooking chicken involves a double process. First, the chickens are deep fried once lightly, then set aside to cool. Once you place your order these delicious chickens are then put back into the fryer. The result? Chicken that is non greasy with a crispy skin:

This was the barbeque chicken. The sauce was incredible--a combination of sweet, tangy, sour, and barbeque. Sticky to the touch and finger licking good! If you take a look at the corner of the plate, that is coleslaw. It's another side dish that comes with your chicken.

Where do we put our bones? How about a designed mini garbage can for bones and scraps? It doesn't get any easier than that. They also include lots of napkins and wet naps for your pleasure. I haven't seen any "finger bowls" with hot water and lemons yet...I am not sure if that will catch on in Korea.

An action shot of the chicken making process. These guys were very busy at TwoTwo, especially at night when workers (such as myself) get off work and need to relax by eating fried chicken and beer. The pre-fried chicken is piled up by the window, enticing pedestrians from the outside to come on in for some deeeeelicous chicken!

The cost for an order of chicken is 12000w (about $12 USD). The pictures above are one order. We decided to split the order into half bbq and half plain. A great choice indeed. I love TwoTwo as it's quite addicting...probably the best tasting fried chicken in Korea. One day, I will have to find out their secrets to making the perfect batch of fried chicken. I also need to borrow their recipe for the sauce. Hot diggity, I'm heading to TwoTwo!


oldhall said...

That all looks so nice... they obviously know how to fry a chicken in Korea.

McFats said...

I've gotta say, my mouth was watering, reading this.

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