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Monday, 25 September 2006

Korean Street Carnage--outside our window!

The streets of Korea are notorious for aggressive driving behavior. I've posted about street carnage before in the past (and here too) on The Daily Kimchi.

Yesterday morning, while getting ready for work we hear a loud "SCREEEEEEECHHH!" outside! Turns out there was a mini three car pile up on the highway! So, being the photography freak that I am, I quickly start snapping pictures. Here are my findings:

Behind that tree in the center of the picture is the car caught in the middle of this mess:

A digital zoom shot of the damage on the last car:

About 30 minutes later, a tow truck appears:

One thing I've noticed is that the drivers don't get enraged about the accidents--they just accept the fact that it happened and move along. I've yet to witness some Korean fisticuffs!


ZenKimchi said...

Oh, I've seen the fisticuffs quite a bit. Usually involves a taxi driver. Last Friday, my bus driver and two other bus drivers got into a rough fight in the bus.

Gary said...

Haha...that's awesome. I have yet to witness my first traffic fight. ;)

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