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Saturday, 16 September 2006

Meeting people for languange exchanges in Insadong

On Saturday we met up with some ladies we met at HSBC for a language exchange. They wanted to practice speaking English and we wanted some help with learning more Korean and the culture. If you're coming to teach English in Korea, you have to bring an open mind with you. Branch out and meet new people as that will give you a better experience!

Anyways, we met up in Insadong. To get to Insadong, get off at Anguk Station (Line 3) and take Exit 7. Walk 100 meters and turn left and that is the main strip. Insadong is a wonderful place as it's known for its traditional craft stores and trendy restaurants. It can be a pleasant place to spend your Saturday afternoon. I will be coming back here to load up with souvenirs when I go home!

We met at Tea Story which is also a tea museum...worth visiting, it's up a small side street in Insadong:

It was very peaceful and nice inside:

I had Chrysanthemum tea...very nice and refreshing:

Devante opted for the iced mango tea (those are little green tea cookies):

These are chewy green tea rice cakes...quite interesting (they tasted like chewy rice):

We had a wonderful time getting to know our new Korean friends. After this tea session when the bill came we tried to pay for our tea but the ladies would not allow it. They treated us which was very nice of them. ;) Next stop, lunch!


Anonymous said...

Ah they sound like wonderful people and what a great opportunity. If you teach a language in a foreign country I think it would only be courteous to learn their language.

Gary said...

I agree Mick. Learning a new language is fun and stimulating!

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