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Tuesday, 26 September 2006

Our lunches...teaching requires calories!

Teaching English in Korea (or teaching in general) requires immense amounts of energy. In order for us to harness our brainpower and to stay alert, we've been packing some jam-packed lunches lately. Here's an example...

This was last week. Dumplings, shrimp fried rice with mushrooms, head lettuce flash fried in minced garlic with a side of oyster sauce...MMMMM!

Now, first you will see some instant Ramen noodles (during class breaks), Yoplait YOP yogurt drinks, a soy milk drink box, and a bag of Sun Chips (they taste sweet by the way). Oh, and a container full of chicken pasta in tomato mushroom sauce (Thanks Prego!):


Anonymous said...

cool blog! very interesting

Anonymous said...

My school teacher has an apple and sandwhich for lunch. haha!

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