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Monday, 4 September 2006

VIDEO: Korean street carnage aftermath! + SPAM!

Sooo...we're on our way to Costco (previous visits, click here) and waiting at a red light to cross the street. To our immediate left, there is a huge truck turning right. However, at the last minute this guy on a motorbike sneaks up and is waiting to cross the street--directly in the blindspot of the truck!

The truck starts to make the right hand turn but the guy in the motorbike is too close...and is unable to move away in time! His bike gets somewhat crushed, he falls down with the bike and luckily the driver stopped in time. We were standing literally right BESIDE HIM! A teacher from our school tried to help him up while I was about to pull out the camera paparazzi style--yet I did not.

This video is the aftermath...the driver approaching the biker while we cross the street--running in fear!

On the lighter side...if you love SPAM, here's a box set that would tickle your knickers...eight cans of SPAM with two bottles of sesame seed oil all packaged up in a beautiful box plus carrying case. Amazing!

For those curious out there, this time we bought chicken breasts, cranberry juice, curry packets, and Absolute Vodka (I don't drink).


Anonymous said...

Koreans absolutely love spam. I think Korea consumes the most spam in the world. It tastes good in kimchijigae.

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